Will Sparks Ft. Luciana


Sick LikeOne of Australia’s most promising artists, Will Sparks, released his new single, “Sick Like That” featuring Luciana, via Ultra Music. With three successful releases already in the bag this year, this 21-year-old producer/DJ continues to swiftly gain ground on his counterparts, while touring internationally, and even hosting his own TV series, “Let’s Bounce,” on MTV Australia. Now, Will Sparks delivers his first song in months, and it marks the beginning of a long line of releases with a diverse roster of collaborators coming this year. Premiered on This Song Is Sick, Will Sparks‘ “Sick Like That” is a quintessential festival anthem that shows his trademark “Melbourne Bounce” style at its finest, using a fusion of massive drums, wonky, distorted synth riffs, and a heavy groove to support Luciana’s infectious vocals.

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Will Sparks Feat. Luciana “Sick Like” Ultra Music


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