Nick Gunn


daywemet“The Day We Met” is the latest form producer Nick Gunn one half of the talented duo of “We Are Nexus” a team that have been a proven force with the dance community over the past few years, with their Billboard and Radio charting tracks. The duo hit the scene in 2013 with there rework of “It Feels So Good” which catapulted the duo on the charts while making a strong debut to the dance music world.

Now Gunn is bringing more talent to the forefront with the release of “The Day We Met” utilizing the vocal talents of Sacha Mullin a Chicago based songwriter and singer with a eclectic musical background. “The Day We Met” stays within the vain of Gunn’s production and musical choices of music substance, and this track is what we have come to expect and know from this producer. This remix package is tight and on point with the addition of Just Push Play and the Nexus Mixes, we have a good dance floor record.



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