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Our Mission and Commitment

Music is a universal language, it recognizes no race, gender, sexual preference, or religion. It moves us, speaks to us, creates memories, and drives emotions. Music is the soundtrack of our lives.

The Mission of Next Music is to bring deserving music to the light. We look to excitedly  share this music with you, in hopes that you will find something that speaks to you.

All of us at Next Music are passionate about dance music, and we are committed not only to share this beautiful world with others, we are committed to sharing with all those who share the same passion or interest. We are commitment to the music and those who love it, make and play it!.  

We are committed to change, and as such, this website is only the inauguration as a gateway for more to come. If you are interested Mainstream Club Music, we hope to give you an avenue discover House Music. We look to share as many insights from legendary talent, with the hope you will gain insight and inspiration. We plan on being what is next in the world of club music. We hope you will be part of the ongoing journey…

Next Music


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