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Matt Davey & Somn5um

tn-mattarey-talkingover-cover1200x1200-590x590This single by British DJ Matt Davey and Somn5um featuring Holly Bancroft is a journey in the evolution of electro trance music. It is has strong progressive elements that give it some punch on the dance floor. Drum and bass DJ Walka’s mix has funky driving beats while Dutch DJ Quino delivers a full house Big Room banger with uplifting rhythms and high flying electo grooves. Electro duo, Hollaphonic pull it back the a bit creating a sexy deep electro dub vibe. Not to be out done, British Producers Karanda mix is a well crafted piece with Progressive Trance and House elements brought together masterfully to create a joyous musical experience. Each mix is brings something different to the dance floor.

Remixes Powered Walka, Quino, Hollaphonic & Karanda


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