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Laptop Acid Xperience

LaptopAcidXperience-ReturnOfMachines-FlightRecorder-lgLaptop Acid Xperience (aka LAX) began producing (unsatisfactory) electronic music in the early 90s after being exposed to Acid House and techno via the legendary John Peel and the equally legendary Rezerection raves in Newcastle. At the end of 2014, after more than ten years of a dead ended detour down the road of entirely computer based music production, LAX put together a minimal hardware setup of low cost synths and drum machines, combined this with the power of computer recording and began to experiment furiously. Still inspired by the DIY philosophy of early Chicago and Detroit producers (where the limitations of cheap machines defined house and techno) LAX was finally able to realize the sounds he’d been dreaming of for over twenty years. Here is his latest release for us at Flight Recorder, four tracks of sublime techno.

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Laptop Acid Xperience “Return Of The Machines” Flight Recorder



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