Next Music Records


The concept of Next Music Records is deep rooted in the belief in music and our dedication to bringing more music to light. Over the years we have seen Tens of Thousands of titles that we have serviced and many creative producers in need of a home to develop their skills while having the guidance and support of those believe in their abilities.  

Next Music Records is our opportunity to find the Next Song and the Next Producer while developing our spacial sound. Our goal as time moves forward is for the audiences to not only hear a release of ours with the thought of “I like this” but rather they will hear and know that they are listening to a Next Music Record. This is our goal in mind, that will being making a positive impact on the dance music world.

Currently, we have a brand new line-up of release in the queue, each unique and each 100% pure dance!
As 2016 evolves, so do the opportunities, and we are the home of opportunity. Please submit your demo as MP3 via HighTail link, along with you background and contact information.




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