Karine Hannah

This song is definitely an uplifting club hit, with her  powerful soaring vocals, there is nowhere to go but up and the remixes deliver! Drew G and Brian Cua team up for another great mix-laced with Big room Electro, intricate instrumentation and rythms. This, coupled with ethereal drops and graceful rises, truly compliments her vocal delivery. Dance floor remix veterans Chris Cox and Twisted Dee really chop it up on this one…lush sounds, vocal and musical sweeps that evoke a fresh circuit vibe. Their amazing musicianship make this mix pure ear candy and a dance floor must have! Rounding out the mixes it the “Robert Eibuch Club Mix” giving you power Electo right  out of the gate- a “take no prisoners” mix of vocals and bright  synth pop electro make this track a “Victory” for sure!



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Karine Hannah “Victory” Cash Money