Imagine 2017


Music has the power to create change. With so much turmoil in the world, one song can help change the tide.

Traditionally DJ’s would end a night or a set with more pretty, message-oriented songs, happy, loving songs, ending a night of magic and sending the dance floor home with a positive feeling of unity and love.

We at Next Music are asking for your participation in creating this magic again, with beautiful Instrumental of  “Imagine”  a song that sends a needed vibe and message more so today than ever.

Just Imagine the universal power of one song played at the end of the night, we ask that you join the Hundreds of DJ’s across the country in closing your night with “Imagine” and we can make the change.


Download: Right click and choose “save link as” One-button Mac users: ctrl + click

7th Heaven Ft. Sir Ivan “Imagine”

Please provide us with both your Positive support and commitment to play “Imagine”.  All comments are private.