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"Where Dance Music Lives"

Company Biography

Next Music was founded in 2009, by Robert Kechter who began his club DJ career in 1990, while coming up through the old record pool system, and knowing the value of being part of the DJ community. Kechter went on to club management in the early 2000’s when he witnessed the changing of the culture, and the influx of new DJ’s and tectonics. With this in mind, Next Music was formed with the intention of creating a new DJ Management Company, and who felt there was a new need in developing a new DJ community within the Los Angeles Area, and a new avenue to get new music to club DJ’s.

Kechter has always considered Next Music as a Flux Generation organization. With this mindset, Next Music has expanded and experimented within many different areas of the music industry, which have included Billboard Promotion, Radio Promotion, remix representation all while building an international DJ network and has now introduced a new label into the fold to help build and expand dance music as it continues to evolve

Braking into the old world truing a pool into a promotion company.

Starting as a new music pool, Next began a new innovative promotional E-Blast which allowed to DJ’s to receive multiple new releases within one e-mail. E-Mail blast have now become the normal, but during this time Next was a pioneer of this system and has improved and considered still the best music promotion blast within the industry.

DJ Times Reporting Pool

In 2010 Next Music was invited to become a new reporter for DJ Times Club Chart, placing Next into a group with longtime established pools form across the country. As the environment of both the industry and the company, in 2015 Next Music re-organized the chart reporting process to a individual DJ panel within the organization, which collectively represents the DJ Times club chart on the behalf of Next Music.

Building a community

In building this vision of a new DJ community, Next arranged regular DJ mixes, Artist showcases, which allowed DJ’s to mingle, share info and meet new upcoming artist and industry executives. One of the most notable events took place in 2011 when Kechter was hired to arrange for “The Godfather of House Music” Frankie Knuckles to perform in Los Angeles Night Club event, which gave an opportunity for members to meet and chat with the legendary DJ/Producer. Communicating the “Anything Is Possible” mantra has always been a leading mindset to convey all that Next Music touches.

Putting DJ’s To Work

Next Music reached out to some notable nightclubs within the city and reach a booking arrangement where next music DJ’s held weekly residences, and helped place many new DJ’s a gateway into the world of DJing. During this time Next Music Had a DJ book for every night of the year, while generating over a Hundred Thousand of dollars paid out to the working DJ pool annually. These were some of the tactics in which Next set to help bring the world of DJ’s together.

International Dance Music Award Nomination

Next Music has been nominated twice for the prestigious industry award, for Best Music Pool, once again showing the progressive growth and movement of Next Music.

The Management Group

Kechter set out seeking the vision of Management Company, but the course had changed after working with both DJ’s and Artist. What he discovered was working with Remix talent to be far better suiting for the company’s management style. This also opened the door for more project management opportunities, with the knowledge of promotion, knowing musical trends, this lead to Next being able to expand their offerings providing insight to emerging artist.

What will be Next

Given the history of movement of the company so far, there is nothing but more opportunity and doors to open, and more people to help.


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