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Betty Who



This is a great remake of the classic 1996 hit by Donna Lewis. Australian vocalist Betty Who makes it her own with her bright yet ethereal vocal delivery which is perfect for this vocal let track. James Anthony lays out a electro mix with jazzy piano and big room sweeps that take this to anthem level. Hector Fonseca and Eduardo Lujan create a great mix that take you on a wonderful musical journey. Starting with powerful rhythmic percussions and pulsing electro..then a beautiful atmospheric drop, showcasing her vocals and then boom!- a joyful Big room explosion of sound and energy! A standout mix for sure. Producer Pink Panda spins a progressive trance house vibe which is a bit more mellow and scaled back synth for a moody atmospheric mix. The Viceroy remix has a very sexy synth thing going with exotic drums…This is a very seductive and intriguing mix of vocals, beats and synth pop magic.

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Betty Who ” I Love You Always Forever”

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